Clairvoyant Readings 

Tessa is an energetic healer and psychic. She describers her self as an empath and a sensitive.  From a young age communicating through feeling and sensations, she expressed her self through the art of dance allowing movement to be a prime expression of spirit.


Her work involves developing a deeper understanding of your natural vibration and the willingness for self-improvement. Diving deeper into the essence of you, Tessa can help locate your spirits truth and remove blocks in your body, chakras, and aura. She has studied and practiced the art of clairvoyance for over 8 years and enjoys most of all sharing that gift with her community.


Seeking the magic in moments and finding ways to heighten life's gifts, Tessa feels it is one of her missions to create a safe space where people can really discover their truth.

Readings with Tessa are: 


15min - $35/£25

30min - $50/£40

45min - $65/£50

60min - $100/£75


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Interview with LivvTv  "being a psychic" 

Whats on!

2019 Intention Energy Reading


This year I was inspired to put my 2019 intentions on paper. Finding the right images and pictures that inspire us allows our spirit to enter into a mode of creativity and attraction.


This reading will take a closer look at your intentions for this new year and how you can manifest them in your life! 


I will be offering this reading for the month of January for the price of £25/$35


Contact me for more information!